The Master of Business Administration (MBA) of Prowess University has been developed on the fundamental assumption that the student is entitled to acquire profound theoretical and practical knowledge to enable him/her face the challenges associated with Business Management issues in the business arena. The curriculum is designed to give participants a broad knowledge of business and opportunity to specialize through an absolute concentration in the chosen option in the third semester. To this end, the emphasis is placed upon professional education of the entire individual and in providing them with effective strategies to boost career performances. To obtain the degree (MBA) candidate must complete course work consisting of courses in the areas of Banking and Finance, Management, Marketing and Accounting. Other very notable areas include organizational case studies, seminars and a project report.


  • To enable participants to effectively carry out effective Business Administration duties and responsibilities in both Public and Private Organizations.
  • To properly equip participants with adequate skills needed for Contemporary Organizational Management.


The Master of Business Administration covers various areas of business such as Accounting, Business Communication, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Marketing, Business Law, Managerial Economics, Applied Statistics, Strategic Management and Planning. The course cuts across various areas in business and industry. Students will complete relevant courses in business-related areas in addition to seminars and project work in their areas of interest/options.

Mode of Study

Correspondence, Blended learning programs which combine distance learning with face-to-face instructions through accredited onsite partners. The programs typically target working professionals who are unable to attend traditional part-time programs.

Program Duration

The duration for the MBA programme shall be one (1) year.

Employment Opportunities

The MBA programme of Prowess University prepares students to improve professionalism in business practices and entrepreneurship development. The programme equally trains them to fill middle and senior-level management positions in business, commerce, industry, and government. With their education and training, they can set up their own businesses since the programme also emphasizes self-employment and consultancy.

Entry Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S institution or its international equivalent.
  • A minimum of two to three years of work experience depending on your responsibilities or professional background.
  • Personal Statement

Fee Structure
The fee shall be $2600 per semester for 3 semesters.

MBA Specializations

MBA In Human Resources Management
MBA In Taxation

MBA In Taxation

MBA in Risk Management

MBA in Risk Management

MBA in Public Sector Accounting
MBA in Oil and Gas Marketing
MBA in Marketing Communications
MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning
MBA in Agric Business

MBA in Agric Business