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Philosophy Doctor Degree (PhD) Program

PhD by Research via distance learning.

A PhD by Research via Distance Learning is ideal for people engaged in the world of work who cannot attend a traditional university. Prowess University is a private and accredited nonprofit institution: an alternative that helps adult students around the world achieve their academic goals.

Surveys conducted over the years have shown that a PhD by research achieved via Distance Learning, in a reputable institution such as Prowess University, can be as useful as a traditional school. In fact, what is important is the skills and professionalism.

In the age of digitized information, and in the global village we live in, Prowess University is an important alternative to traditional studies. Our study system is efficient, geared to the needs of busy people, and can be transmitted from any computer terminal anywhere in the world.

Philosophy Doctor (PhD), in Latin Philosophiae Doctor or Doctor Philosophiae, is the highest academic title awarded by universities in most countries. The PhD usually covers all programs of the entire academic range. As a graduate researcher, students studying for this qualification are usually required to demonstrate competence and mastery of the subject matter for academic research, but also to make new academic contributions to a particular area of human knowledge through original research.

The online PhD via Distance Learning consists of original academic research carried out autonomously by the candidate, in a specific branch of human knowledge culminating in a final PhD thesis.

Unlike other traditional Campus-Based doctorates, PhD by Research is not divided into semesters, but consists in the development, autonomous and independent, of theoretical research on a specific academic discipline for the evaluation of Prowess University. This research is implemented in a final thesis, for which the student has up to 30 months to complete it.

The study and research program must be carried out by the student independently. The supervisor must be a seasoned educationist; an Assistant/Associate Professor or a Professor, to whom the student can turn for any assistance. The student can use textbooks and the Internet for his research, as well as having access to the online library. Through free and independent research, students acquire highly specialized knowledge and a full mastery of the specific skills that they will develop, argue and defend in their culminating work: the doctoral thesis.

The PhD (Doctor of in Philosophy) online via Distance Learning in any major of study, is obtained after successfully completing and defending the final thesis in the academic majors. This research is presented in the form of a doctoral thesis. The “Doctor of Philosophy” is the only PhD that can be obtained via Distance Learning. It should be quite clear that any laboratory work or professional practice cannot be conducted online or through any other mode of distance learning.

The main requirement of the online PhD via Distance Learning by Research is to submit and discuss the final thesis, consisting of at least 100/200 pages for review and evaluation by an academic committee of the Prowess University. In some cases, material previously published by candidates may be counted for PhD purposes. To complete the required doctoral credits, if the thesis is insufficient, additional in-depth reports of 15-20 pages based on textbooks may also be requested.

Completion of a Philosophy Doctor program is often a very useful requirement for work and profession in the field in many fields of knowledge. In recent years, in fact, especially in developing countries, where there is a lack of basic training, the doctorate is also required for highly qualified professions, but also to work in multinationals, non-governmental organizations and in many private companies that require their employees an academic “certification” higher than a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree.

The PhD is the highest educational qualification. Only the best-qualified professionals have a PhD. A Master’s degree is usually sufficient for most professions. A PhD requires the completion of a Master’s degree or equivalent, and the completion and presentation of three seminars, plus a doctoral thesis. Elaborating a thesis is a good opportunity to do research on specific topics, or to prepare the basis for a good publication.

The requirements for admission to the distance degree course of Prowess University, in addition to possession of the Master Degree, vary depending on the faculty and the Major of the study. It is always necessary to send the CV. There are no discriminations of race, colour, sex, beliefs and/or religion.


Thesis Defence

Considering that PU students come from all over the world and sometimes they are miles away from the university headquarters, the Doctorate (PhD) Degree via distance learning thesis must be defended in three different ways:

1) Written defence. The student must develop a 5-page report in which he defends his thesis.

2) Oral Defense. The student must send an audio or video file of at least 30 minutes in which he defends his thesis (recommended).

3) Defending an approved thesis before PU Professors. The student sets a date with the secretariat for discussion at the Prowess headquarters or any of our accredited offices/campuses.

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